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What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art and science of improving traffic to your website through organic, unpaid listings on search engine results pages (SERP). 

Search engine results pages often feature ads at the very top, followed by regular or “organic” search results. While search engine marketing (SEM) or pay-per-click (PPC) is about bidding for placement in the ads, SEO focuses on ranking as high as possible in organic results.

The goal of SEO is to increase both the quantity and quality of traffic: That means more people are visiting your website, and a greater share of those people are relevant traffic.


The benefits of SEO

While Google does not publish official statistics, an estimated 40,000 Google searches are processed every second. Search is one of the primary ways all users traverse the internet, whether they’re looking for an answer to a query (informational search), searching for specific products (transactional search) or making their way to a specific website (navigational search).


Increase Quality Traffic & Trust

In order for potential customers to find your business, it’s crucial to not only be present among the search engine results. Data suggests that the top three organic Google results receive 75% of all clicks. Most searchers prefer to click organic results over paid ads.

There is of course still loads of tangible value in PPC, but SEO can go a long way to supporting your PPC efforts and generating trust and credibility. If customers see your website in relevant organic search results, they are more likely to trust your PPC ads.

SEO increases both the quantity and quality of visits to your website, helping to generate real leads.


Get Value from your Content

Your website may have great content, but that doesn’t mean much if no one can find it. As Google continuously works to improve its search results for users, the rules and factors that allow a piece of content to rank well change rapidly. 

SEO ensures the content you’ve invested time and money into can deliver value to your customers and drive leads, sales and trust. We use a variety of tools to identify gaps in your content coverage, track trends in the market and assess the effectiveness of your content strategy.


Maintain your SEO Rankings

If you’re redesigning your website or migrating to a new platform, it’s important to keep SEO in mind. Your hard-earned search engine rankings can take a hit after a redesign if SEO hasn’t been part of your strategy. While developers can help with aesthetics and functions, SEO professionals will ensure your website doesn’t lose its valuable placements.


Compete in eCommerce

eCommerce is an increasingly competitive landscape, and your success hinges on your ability to compete in search. Customers are searching every day for the products they want and if your competitors appear before you, then that's a sale immediately lost. When your business takes place online, using SEO to attract new and returning customers is vital.

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How does SEO work?howdoesseowork oap

Search engines like Google or Bing use an algorithm to determine what pages to show for a given query. An algorithm is essentially a complex set of rules outlining hundreds or thousands of different factors that determine the ranking of pages on the SERP. While the individual factors that affect SEO are vast, they can be narrowed down to a few key aspects:


Keyword Research

Keyword research is not a ranking factor, but it is the foundation of a lot of SEO. Before most SEO activity can take place, keyword research is crucial to understand what keywords are the most valuable and the most competitive. Through keyword research, you can better understand the business landscape and identify strengths, gaps and opportunities, thereby enabling more targeted, intelligent SEO activity.



For your website to appear on SERPs, it must have content. Content can be anything from a blog post, whitepaper, product page, video, or other, that answers a search query or provides value to a user. It might inform, entertain or enable a transaction. Most importantly, content should serve a purpose that aligns with the search intent and queries of your customers.

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Links to your content from other websites and social media create a strong link profile, telling Google that your content is reputable and relevant. A strategy that incorporates internal and external links enables the algorithm to crawl your website and measure its relevance, quality and trustworthiness.



Page structure and HTML architecture achieve two things: Keywords in your website’s HTML code help to inform the algorithm of what your website is about, and user-friendly websites encourage desirable user behaviour. The speed of your page, its mobile-friendliness and how easy it is for Google to index it will all affect ranking.



Trust informs the algorithm your website is safe and reputable. Trust is created through authority in your domain and content, your bounce rate, and the age of your website. Therefore, the key to building trust is creating consistent, high-quality content that is both search optimised and gives people a reason to share it.

This is just the tip of the iceberg — the individual factors that influence your SERP rank are varied and vast. Tackling your rankings requires an understanding of on-page, off-page and technical SEO. That’s what Online Asset Partners brings to the table.


What are the 3 Types of SEO?airballoon oap

If your website is a hot air balloon, SEO makes up the parts of the balloon that keeps it afloat. There are three main types of SEO, each of which helps your website drive business outcomes.


On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the navigator of your hot air balloon. The metadata, links and on-page tags on your website don’t necessarily grow your search equity, but help to focus that equity under the most relevant keywords. With strong on-page SEO, your content is better aligned with the search intent of potential customers, ultimately leading to more, higher-quality traffic and sales.


Content & Backlinks

Sometimes called “off-page SEO”, backlinks and content create the fire that drives your hot air balloon upwards. Off-page SEO focuses on building equity and authority by generating links back to your content through social media shares, guest blogging or other off-site strategies.


Technical SEO

At the backend of SEO, technical SEO makes up the sandbagsof the hot air balloon. These are the elements that can hold your website back, hindering your search rankings. Technical SEO is focused on ensuring the structure of your website enables the algorithm to crawl and index easily and accurately. This includes developing an XML sitemap, optimising for mobile, adding breadcrumb menus and much more.


Why choose Online Asset Partners for NZ SEO services?

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We’re Experts in All Types of SEO

Technical SEO is the most complicated and therefore often overlooked type of SEO. However, to be truly successful online you need to tackle all three types of SEO: Technical, On-Page and Off-Page. At OAP, we specialise in all three and keep up to date with Google’s constantly shifting algorithm and rules. 

We make technical SEO a priority because, without it, great content can so easily be held back from achieving high SERP rankings. By bringing down the barriers of technical SEO, we create opportunities for great content to shine brighter.


We’re Premier Google Partners & SEMRush Certified

The way to win in SEO is managing, prioritising, and organising the work to get the highest impact. There’s a tremendous amount of information to be processed in order to prioritise and analyse the best route to success, and that requires heavy-lifting software.

That’s why we use SEMRush, the world-leading SEO and content platform, selected by 8 of the top 10 online retailers. All of our staff are SEMRush certified professionals, and OAP is recognised as a Premier Google Partner, with a track record of maximising campaign success for our clients.


We Give You the Competitive Edge

Using SEMRush, we provide a detailed competitive analysis to surface unknown competitors and instantly understand what your competitors are doing to rank on Google. By understanding your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, we can develop a highly competitive SEO game plan accordingly.


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What Our Clients Say.

The keyword optimisation program has gone from strength to strength - sales went up and we are on track to achieve our corporate goals. Additionally, I found answers to some hard SEO questions I had. We are set up for further cooperation with OAP in upcoming years and we actually increased the number of keywords we track and optimise for.

Chris Dzikiewicz
Digital Marketing Executive, Escea Fireplaces

Over the last 3 years, our relationship with Online Asset Partners has enabled us to be well positioned when it comes to our brand visibility and organic online footprint within the Australian 'Printed Ribbon' industry. They have not only doubled the SEO traffic to our website, but also tripled the amount of keywords that we have on Page 1 of Google Australia. The advice which they gave us has always been fact-based and their cutting edge SEO software tool, BrightEdge, allowed us to have full access when it came to the SEO progress of our website. We found David and the team approachable, knowledgeable and helpful.

Carolyn MacKintosh
Owner, Australian Printed Ribbon

SEA Containers have been working with Online Asset Partners for about 3 years now. They manage our SEO and AdWords and have designed and developed a high converting new website for us. Online Marketing is very important to us as a business and as a fast growing company (Deloitte Fast 50 2015, 9th fastest growing company in NZ) we need to know that we can trust our partners to do the right thing. We appreciate OAP's role in our growth.

Odin Madsen
Regional Manager, SEA Containers

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