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The Real Benefits of Online Advertising

Three colleagues gathered with their laptops consulting on an online advertising strategy

Online advertising has levelled the playing field for businesses of all sizes, making competing in a global or local market more achievable.

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How to link an existing AdWords account to an MCC


As a digital marketing agency we need to manage multiple clients AdWords account on a daily basis. To do this as efficiently as possible we make use of the AdWords MCC – My Client Centre.

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Google Stops Showing Ads on Right-Hand Side of Search Results

google removes ads from right side of google

It’s now official; Google has removed advertising from the right-hand side of their search engine results pages (SERPS). They have now placed 4 ad positions at the top of the page, which previously only played host to 3 at most. The right side of the page is now looking sadly empty, and everything above the fold, is now paid advertising.

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Stop Blowing Your Budget On Low-Intent Keywords

adwords stop blowing your budget on low intent keywords

Finding high-intent keywords is crucial to your AdWords success. 

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Adword Myths That Could be Costing You a Small Fortune

skinny piggy bank2


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Do you know your Campaign from your AdGroup?

AdWords Myhts Question Mark

Campaign / Each AdWords account is made up of Campaigns; each Campaign shares the same budget, location, and other settings.   

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