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Used by over 8,500 brands across the world and 30% of the Fortune 100.

BrightEdge SEO Monitoring and Best Practice

As long as there are search engines there will be search engine optimisation. The practice of SEO is not dead, it just keeps changing, which is why OAP are dedicated to SEO monitoring and best practice. We aim to give your business the very best possible SEO techniques to achieve real results, for the long term.

When you might need OAP’s SEO monitoring and best practice services:

  • To audit and provide guidance to your current SEO company or internal team. It can be difficult to know if your site uses ‘white hat’ or ‘black hat’ techniques. Black hat is short-term, provide only short-term results and can ruin your rankings long after the damage is done.
  • When building a new website. Every web developer now has a page on their website to tick the box saying that their websites come with SEO but this is often meaningless and a red flag, especially for a major build with existing traffic. Without expert SEO considerations, your existing traffic could vanish overnight.
  • You have an SEO company or internal team but since recent Google algorithm updates your search engine ranking has dramatically dropped or your business has disappeared altogether.

OAP is your BrightEdge Partner

In order to provide the very best SEO techniques and monitoring to our clients, OAP is a proud partner with BrightEdge.

The SEO platform OAP employs is used by over 8,500 brands across the world and 30% of the Fortune 100. Working with OAP provides your business with the same tools used by all ten of the world’s largest online retailers, nine out of the top ten hotel groups, eight out of the top ten technology companies, and seven out of the top ten largest banks in America - not bad company to keep.

Harnessing the power of BrightEdge’s SaaS technology platform, we can drive traffic, revenue and conversions from your largest marketing channel - organic search.

Google hosted almost six billion queries every day during 2014. Search is the main method for customers to discover a brand’s content. BrightEdge research has found that 51% of all website traffic comes from organic search. For some businesses, this figure could be much higher.

For this reason, it is critical that brands have an organic search strategy and enterprise grade SEO platform to stay ahead. Contact us about your search opportunity with OAP or learn more about our SEO services.

‘BrightEdge has developed the most powerful SEO technology on the market. With the BrightEdge Data Cube marketers can tap into the largest data set in the industry, indexing billions of pieces of content, including rich media, search, and social, at web-wide scale. Backed by such a robust data set, marketers can see which channels, content types and topics are high performing and why. Marketers can see both historical and real-time demand with the Data Cube Time Machine to understand effectiveness over time. Brands can also improve performance with semantically-related topics powered by Contextual Recommendation from the Data Cube. These insights into consumer demand set marketers up for success with a content strategy that is tailor-made for the target audience.

OAP uses BrightEdge technology simply because it is the most superior on the market, it is used by the likes of Adidas, and being US-based means we can keep up with industry changes as they happen.

The easy to read and customisable dashboard reporting keeps you up-to-date on your rankings compared to your named competitors, tracks your overall SEO footprint and will even work out your market share for they keywords you care most about, all in easy to read pie-charts and graphs – how do you stack up against your competitors?

To learn more about our SEO monitoring and best practice just contact the OAP team today. 

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