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“Escea (world leading designer fireplace manufacturer from Dunedin, New Zealand) had a bunch of page #1’s on Google AUS for highly competitive fireplace related keywords. They spent a considerable sum on a new multi-country website which looked fantastic - but lost those critical Google AUS page #1 keywords.

Once I [Chris] took the digital marketing role I found that the website set up did not allow for Google to index our Australian pages correctly. That’s bad! To make it worse, we paid a reputable SEO Co. for years to advise us on our digital performance and they hadn’t picked this critical issue in any of their audits.

From the CEO down everyone was frustrated with the loss of traction and loss of revenue from reduced online visibility. Therefore I made changes to our website to make it Google friendly and we decided to get experts on board, and SEO tools to improve our position in search engines, as it is a crucial way people find out about products like fireplaces.

After having the chance to meet at the Deloitte Fast 50 awards dinner in 2014 a relationship was formed. OAP quoted for a contract at almost double what we had previously paid for SEO, but appeared to back themselves to get a result, and the BrightEdge SEO/Content Marketing platform gave us confidence. We started optimising for a selected group of keywords.

Within 3 months there was a major leap in our key AUS - rankings back to Google page #1, and most importantly the tool [BrightEdge] allowed us to track effects of changes we were making. I found keyword groups in BrightEdge very handy to track performance per market segments we were after, (e.g. double-sided fireplace group,) and also the way we can look at our Share of Voice [a Proprietary BrightEdge Metric to calculate Organic SEO market share] at various keyword levels.

Since then the keyword optimization program has gone from strength to strength, sales went up, and we are on track to achieve our corporate goals. Additionally I found answers to some hard SEO questions I had. We are set up for further cooperation with OAP in upcoming years and we actually increased the number of keywords we track and optimise for.

Lesson learned: Not every developer makes Google friendly websites, and not every SEO agency will give you the results you are after. OAP are reliable search engine marketing partners. Online Asset Partners are very structured with their SEO optimisation process, they use tools to monitor progress to full extent and our account manager, David, is a good partner to bounce ideas around for further improving our digital performance in areas of SEO & Adwords.”

Chris Dzikiewicz
Digital Marketing Executive
Escea Fireplaces

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