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"I have a good product base, an AMAZING website that can handle everything, so I want to work on reaching more customers and increasing the turnover."

Franny McInnes


Project Overview

Breastmates care about their customers, they offer great products at a great price, hassle free returns and Franny, the owner, is always available to help. When you shop with Breastmates - you are appreciated. They wanted to make sure their customers could find them easily and once on the site they had great shopping experience.

To do this Breastmates needed to increase their share of Organic Search traffic. They needed to improve the profits from their AdWords campaigns. Their customers needed to be able to view the website easily on any device. Customer data needed to sync with the XERO accounting platform. Breastmates needed website platform that could grow with their business and keep their customers happy.


  • Increase market share of Organic Search.
  • Increase profits from Google AdWords.
  • Build a new responsive eCommerce website.
  • Maintain and improve search engine rankings.

Project Summary


Breastmates started as a home based business in 2004. They have since evolved into a well-loved brand. Now a leading maternity store, they're more than just a range of products. They stand by everything they do and they take their customer's experience to heart.


We began managing Breastmates AdWords campaigns in May 2013. Since then, we have achieved a profitable monthly return on investment. Before the new website we averaged a 200-300% ROI. Our results jumped to 400%-500% ROI after the new website went live. Meaning Breastmates can help more and more customers find their site.

Breastmates needed a fully responsive website to cater for customers on all devices. Building any new website comes with the risk that some pages can lose their rankings in search engines. This was especially important for Breastmates. Their organic traffic can be as much as 80% of overall traffic. We made sure Search Engine Optimisation was at the core of our development. We built a lengthy SEO transition into the plan for the website. To prepare for a potential drop in visitors we increased the number of keywords targeted in AdWords. Today, traffic numbers are growing and have succeeded all previous records.


When Franny first came to us she had a website that looked good but was technically flawed. She could not update the website herself. The site suffered from constant problems when customers were trying to buy products. This drained Franny’s time and frustrated customers. She was making requests for work she could have done herself, saving money and time. She spent too much time refunding and sorting customer problems - customers she cared about.

We streamlined Breastmates technical processes. Stressing about technology is now a thing of the past. She can focus on helping customers and providing amazing maternity products.

Franny still emails us in excitement about new things her Magento build does. And she was nice enough to send us a cake to say thank you!

"This has been a mammoth project, and every day I am simply amazed. That’s all. It’s bloody amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome, awesome, awesome work. Thank you for everything so far!

I am so glad that I have your team here helping me now. And that you didn’t just abandon me after the go live. And that the world didn’t end after changeover, I’m so impressed by everything.


Franny McInnes
Owner, Breastmates

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