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Understand your Web Analytics and make fact based decisions on your data.


Google Analytics and online tracking tools are extremely important, as they tell us everything that we need to know about how your website and how your online marketing is performing. The comprehensive data that Google Analytics provides, combined with our experience, means that your online marketing can be tweaked and perfected by our team, as we identify threats and opportunities, and discover and report on which service is right for your business.

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However, these analytics are so comprehensive that they can be daunting for the newcomer to make sense of it all. They also require a professional setup; if you analytics is not setup correctly then your data is likely to be wrong. It may also be incomplete, without crucial implementation of conversion tracking or ecommerce tracking there is no way to tell if you’re winning or losing.

With a professional and complete setup Google Analytics can help you answer questions like:

     -Which pages are losing you traffic? Which are you best performing pages?
     -Is your website is engaging visitors and are they’re spending enough time on your site?
     -How many visitors does your site receive and from what medium or source are they coming?
     -Who is converting on your site? Are they old, young, male or female, are they interested in movies sports or both?
     -Which offers are converting the most prospects? What is your conversion rate? Is it bad or good?

How we can help you get measurable results?

We implement our advanced setup of Google Analytics and track what is most important for you, teach your team how to get what they need from the platform or report to you on just the services we provide, or across all your marketing activities.


Step 1:  Set up your Google Analytics account

We will liaise with any existing website supplier to ensure that your website is set up with the Google Analytics system.


Step 2:  Create Conversion Goals

At your initial Strategy Meeting, we will have agreed on the return on investment (ROI) targets for your website. These targets will then be set up in Google Analytics and across our other advanced data analytics tools.

The data we use to measure our performance isn’t our own data, its Google’s and other party’s data. That means it’s impartial and accurate – you can rest assured knowing you are getting real reporting. It’s important to us that we’re open and transparent with you, and this is just one of the ways we demonstrate this commitment.


Step 3:  Create easy to understand reports

This is probably the most important part for you: the plain English interpretation of how your website is performing. Rather than simply send you confusing you with too many numbers and data, you’ll receive a summary of:

  • What’s working well on your website?
  • What needs to be tweaked?
  • How your website is performing versus the ROI (return on investment) targets we’ve agreed on.

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Google Analytics is a brilliant tool and a professional setup is the foundation of an effective digital marketing campaign. It’s key to understanding how your site performs and what you need to do to improve. Like any tool, the real value is in how that tool is used. The interpretation, analysis and strategy that comes from working with Online Asset Partners is what will drive measurable results and give you an edge over your competitors. Fill in the form below and we'll get in touch about how we can use Analytics to drive your business growth.

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