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Score real search performance and business growth with strategic digital content from Online Asset Partners. We are a boutique content marketing agency in Auckland with a track record for delivering great results through our integrated SEO, PPC and content strategies.


Content marketing isn’t just about creating content for content’s sake — it’s about taking a bigger-picture approach. We do not churn out a word count without a strategy. We work with you to identify your customers’ wants and needs and map out a customer journey from the search engine landing page to your key customer actions and conversions.

With an intimate understanding of your business and your customers, we develop SEO-enriched content that attracts new customers. We write to your brand tone and voice, creating an authentic and consistent brand experience that engages customers and builds brand affinity. Our strategies are underpinned by customer persona information and user journey mapping to ensure that your customers are delighted by your content.


Our Content Marketing Services Include:

  • Performance content strategy.
  • SEO content development.
  • Blog indexing and analysis.
  • Keyword research and topic generation.
  • Blogging, whitepapers and downloadables.
  • Digital advertising copy (social media and display).
  • Digital content optimisation.

Our in-house content marketing specialists are experienced in content strategy and development, having worked on brand campaigns, long-term organic search strategies, direct marketing, display and social media, and online conversion rate optimisation.


Why You Need Content Marketing

When done properly, content is the backbone of your entire digital marketing strategy. No matter the particular activities you’re engaging in, quality content must exist to support it.

For example:

  • Search engine optimisation: Google rewards websites that publish high quality, consistent content — not just keywords and fast-loading pages.

  • Pay-per-click advertising: Your paid advertisements need relevant, quality content behind them to reduce bounce rate.

  • Social media marketing: Without good content, your social media team doesn’t have anything to share.

  • Email marketing: Your emails are made up of content, and in order for clicks to matter, you need good content for your audience to open.

  • Conversion rate optimisation: Content must be designed with clear action points to drive customer behaviour. Good content gets conversions.

Content marketing works because it allows businesses to give before they take. You provide relevant information to your customers for free, and in return build brand awareness, trust and affinity. 

This can then lead to profitable actions from your customers, such as subscribing to your email database in exchange for access to a high-value piece of content like an ebook or webinar, or even booking a demo or making a purchase.


Why Choose OAP for Content Marketing?

  • Online Asset Partner is an award-winning digital marketing agency with unrivalled results. We’re not here to tell you to get content for content’s sake. Instead, get content that works. Get content that’s guided by data-driven strategies, that considers who you are and who your customers are
  • Content marketing should provide as much value to your customers as it provides to your business, and that’s exactly what we offer at Online Asset Partners.
  • Our content marketing specialists have over 13 years of combined experience in high performing content across all digital platforms. We can work as a seamless extension of your team, supporting your in-house marketers to execute and optimise their campaigns — we can even provide training on the latest tools to get your team up to speed. Or you can opt to hand us the reins and let us take full responsibility for your digital marketing.
  • We frequently collaborate with design agencies, advertising agencies, web developers and other content creators, to ensure that content serves a purpose in the big picture and isn’t just an expensive afterthought.  


Complimentary Consultation

Talk to our specialists David and Rob in a 30-minute complimentary consultation on building a strategic content marketing strategy. 

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We are very happy with the growth our business has seen over the many years we've been working with OAP. Their expertise in the digital marketing space is extremely valuable and we consider it an investment into our business to work with them. Not only that, they are genuinely nice people who care about our business. Highly recommend it!

Anna Shannon, Marketing Director
MySpa Sydney

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