The Real Benefits of Online Advertising

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The incredible advancement of the World Wide Web over the last ten years has completely changed the marketing landscape.

Any savvy marketer in todays high-stake business world harnesses the power of the internet to effectively and efficiently reach their target audience every day. We see new websites, social networks and innovative online channels appearing almost daily - and there’s not sign of slowing down.

Online advertising offers plenty of advantages over more traditional advertising media, allowing business owners to deliver relevant, personalised and timely messages to their customers at a fraction of the cost. In this article we’ll look at five major benefits of online advertising.

1. Cost Efficient

One of the largest benefits of online advertising is that it is much more affordable compared with other traditional adverting methods. Even on a shoestring budget, business owners can access a fairly wide audience and stretch their marketing dollars further.

2. Targeted

Traditional media such as flyers, television, billboards and direct mail offer no way to hone in on your target market. Your budget is spent on showering your ad over as many people as possible, in the hope a few will see your message and act. Online advertising gives us much more control. Websites such as Facebook and Google can tell us who to target, based on their profiles and search history. This allows us to target key messages specifically to those people who are most likely to purchase.

3. Measurable

Online marketing is also a lot easier to measure and quantify. Online analytics tools can help show what’s working for you and what’s not, allowing further targeting of your marketing spend. It can also provide priceless data on what your ideal customer looks like - allowing you to further target your advertising to your most lucrative audiences. The opportunities really are limitless.

4. Feedback

The internet, in particular social media websites such as Facebook, help people connect with their friends and family all over the world. It can also help you contact with your audience via many different platforms. Replying to comments on your Facebook page, tweeting about your products or industry, and delivering great customer service via these channels are all ways to make people feel good about your company. Great customer service is one of the most powerful advertising methods, and the internet is a very powerful tool to help your business achieve this within every interaction.

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The internet offers a world of opportunity for every type of business. No matter your budget, the internet ca provide a powerful and cost effective channel to grow your client base. From Facebook to Google, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube - Your audience is online right now and you can guarantee your competitors’ products are infant of them in one form or another. Get your business online today by speaking to one of our digital marketing professionals. They can give you obligation free advice and tips on how to get started in the exciting digital world.

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