Online Asset Partners recognised with Bing Select Partner status, one of the few in New Zealand.

Bing Select Partner Badge Teal

Microsoft has recognised Online Asset Partners as part of an exclusive group of companies named as Select Partners within the Bing Partner Program to support the Bing Network’s growing customer base.

Select Bing Partner status has been awarded to Online Asset Partners as the result of the high quality support provided to our clients and in recognition of the in-depth knowledge and experience with this search marketing platform. 

There are very few companies in New Zealand with Bing experience. As one of only five Bing Partners, we can now provide even better service and expertise to our Pay Per Click clients. Adding to our years of Bing expertise, we now have priority support and insights from Bing Specialists and access to pilots to keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

Many of our clients are in competitive industries where Digital Marketing is critical to success, such as Travel, eCommerce and SaaS. For such companies, the best Pay Per Click strategy utilises both AdWords and Bing. If your company operates internationally, targeting the whole market, not just Google, is essential to success. 

“If you have an international market and you have not looked seriously at Bing, you are making a huge oversight. We have been hitting 50% CPA in Bing compared to AdWords.”

David Cranwell, General Manager, Online Asset Partners.

Bing is an opportunity to attract more high quality traffic and qualified leads and keep costs down. The Bing Network is the world’s number two search provider, with double digit market share across 13 markets. The UK alone has 918 Million monthly searches. The US has over 5 Billion. And 25% of Bing Network searches are unique to Bing. The Bing market in New Zealand is bigger than many think with 16 Million monthly searches and it is growing fast; it has seen a +45% click increase and a +72% click-through rate increase since 2015.

If you are in a competitive industry, these are not numbers you want to ignore, especially when you consider the many advantages of Bing:

1.  Bing is cost-effective. Bing ads have less competition so often offer cheaper cost per clicks and better ad positions. Our clients achieve lower average cost per conversion on Bing compared to AdWords.

2.  Bing audience is different to Google’s; it is a well-educated, affluent audience with buying power.

3.  Bing gives you the option to target your ads to the gender and age of your customers.            

4.  Bing allows for more granular control at the campaign and ad group level. Their sophisticated ad scheduling makes reaching international markets easier and faster.

5.  Bing provides more flexibility when it comes to the Search Partners your ads show on. You can exclude all Search Partners or exclude low performing or high-cost search partners from your campaigns.

6.  Set up is simple as you can import your existing AdWords campaigns.


“We are excited to have Online Asset Partners as a Select partner of Bing Ads.  Our partnership with Online Asset Partners has helped our customers achieve strong results. The company’s service, training and expertise will help continue to foster a robust ecosystem around our platform and also benefit our mutual customers.” 

Deb O’Sullivan, Bing Ads Director, Microsoft Australia.
Thanks for the goodies Bing.

Online Asset Partners are a multi-award winning Digital Marketing Agency and Advisory dedicated to honesty and unrivalled results.  We are proud to be a part of this exclusive group of companies recognised for excellence in driving results to businesses through Search Engine Marketing.

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