Get Powerful Insights into Universal Search with the Blended Rank Report


Succeeding in online search marketing with the introduction of Universal Search Results has proven to be a challenge for some marketers since its introduction in 2007.

Search Engine Result pages no longer exclusively return text-based results, and include an assortment of images, videos, products, news, local listings and blog posts – giving users an abundance of rich and relevant results across Google and other major search engines. 

Though fantastic for users, marketers are faced with the challenge of optimising not only their text based content, but their blogs, images, videos, news and all other content as well. 

Blended ranking of results, although challenging, can provide exciting opportunities for companies. Those that seek to create and optimise different types of content which their customer and search engines respond to will seek to gain a competitive edge, but to do so it requires a way to track rankings across all search results. 

Big data = Big Opportunity. 

During 2013 Online Asset Partners (OAP) partnered with BrightEdge, enabling our clients to react to changes quickly, such as Universal Search, and remain ahead of their competitors at the cutting edge of SEO development. 

This world-class technology, used by many of the fortune 500 companies, and at least 9 of the top 10 hospitality and ecommerce sites worldwide, gives us 20/20 vision of our own and our client’s content and SEO performance. Included in this technology’s suite of features is the Blended Rank Report.

This report “gives online marketers powerful insights into keyword rankings through the ability to measure true SEO performance in the rankings for all search results—including text, image, video and social, and local results” (BrightEdge) 

This allows us to not only remain ahead of the changing Search Engine Results Pages, but create ambitious goals based on well-informed, true performance metrics. We can also measure true rank in mobile devices in relation to blended search results, which gives you an accurate picture of your online marketing performance. 


Universal Search results present a whole new set of challenges to marketers. With BrightEdge and blended rank reporting you can easily manage blended rankings of all your keywords along with your competitors. To speak to one of our team about how BrightEdge and Blended Rank Reporting can bring more opportunities to your business, contact us today.

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