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Why is blog content important for SEO?

Why is blog content important for SEO

If you’re looking to increase sales, inform customers about your products, or position your business as an industry leader at the top of Google searches — posting quality SEO blog content is the way to go.

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Are you ready for Mobile First Indexing?

mobile search

Every day the world we live in becomes more and more mobile.

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8 Tips to Optimise and Monitor Your Google My Business Listing

Google my business2

A free Google My Business listing offers the greatest impact for companies seeking local exposure. Showing in Google’s Local Search and Maps results can be invaluable to both new and established businesses.

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Ever wondered what your website looks like through the eyes of Google?

eye 1686932 960 720

You’ve built an amazing website. It looks the part, has all the bells and whistles and gives your customers a fantastic source of information on the products & services you offer. From your perspective, it looks great. But what about how Google sees your website?

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The Penguin Update has Arrived. Here’s What You Need to Know

penguin google update

It’s been nearly two years since Google have updated their Penguin algorithm. For those who have been penalised by this filter in the past - this is fantastic news for your website. For those unaware of what this filter is or how it can affect your website - read on for more information. 

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How to choose the best SEO Service Provider


You know SEO is essential for growing your business.

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Your Guide to the 2016 Penguin Update

Google Penguin Update Your Guide SEO

In early December last year, Google made a cryptic announcement that hints the Penguin 4.0 update is not far away;

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SEO Trends for 2016

SEO Trends

2015 was a big and exciting year for Search.

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MOZ Search Engine Ranking Factors

seo target

Every two years, for the past six years, MOZ has run its eagerly awaited survey into Google’s Search Engine Ranking Factors.

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NAP Consistency & How It's Destroying Your SEO

Make your NAP count. 2

NAP (Name/Address/phone) consistency seems to be one of those things that you don’t know the importance of until it’s too late – or at least until it’s a massive task to attempt to correct. Though often overlooked, NAP consistency is an important factor for local search engine optimisation.

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Mutant Monkeys From Mars

mutant monkeys from mars

Mutant Monkeys from Mars on the radio? There is a company running a Mutant Monkeys from Mars radio ad.  In a clever integration of their offline and online marketing they are directing radio listeners to google for ‘Mutant Monkeys from Mars.’ When you do this you are faced with a standard Google results page… of course they have made sure that they have prepared a web page that is SEO’d towards the keyword phrase ‘Mutant Monkeys From Mars’ so you see them as the first Google search result.  Position #1 by the way usually gets 25-35% of all of the search traffic.

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Foundations of Building a Google Friendly Website

search engine optimisation foundations of building a google friendly website

One of the biggest things that can affect your search rankings is the way in which your website is built. Think of it as building a house, there are things you need and things you want.  Often people will only think about the things they want and forget about what their needs are, or might be in the future. Additional changes after-the-fact takes up time and budget - sometimes you’re stuck with it!  This is the same with a website build; often people will focus on creating a picture-perfect website that looks fantastic and represents their brand image perfectly, then only later think about how they’re actually going to get visitors to it.Its no secret that one of the best ways to generate traffic is through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO practices involve getting your website ranking highly in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) of major search engines, such as Google. A sound SEO strategy is a critical component to online performance and success, and if you're going to invest in building a website then why not do it properly and get ahead of the game from the start?  Thinking about SEO before building your website is important because the structure of the site is one of the most determining factors in a successful SEO strategy. Once the structure of you website has been set it's difficult - if not impossible - to alter later on.  In this article we will take you through how building a website for SEO will save you time and money in the long run, how it works, and how it can future-proof your website for years to come.  Built-in Is More Effective Long term It's common for people to seek SEO services after they've built their website.

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Panda 4.0 Update – What You Need To Know

Search Engine Optimisation google panda update

As you may have heard already, Matt Cutts (the man in charge of the algorithm) has announced the release of Google Panda 4.0.

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Why Would Anyone Listen To You?


The SEO landscape has long been characterised by uncertainty and fluidity, and it continues to evolve and change at a rapid pace. Not keeping up with the latest techniques can have a crippling effect on your online and offline business.

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Reverse Engineer Your Competitors Online Behaviour to Dominate Online!

24 02 2014 2 51 50 p m

If you're planning to invest time, money and valuable resources into developing your online presence, it makes sense to evaluate your current situation before doing so. 

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Changes to SEO Leave You at Risk of Losing Thousands


In September 2013 Google made the most significant change to affect rankings since the beginning of the internet era. Any business owner or manager that does not understand these changes will likely see their rankings, sales and leads plummet in 2014.

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What is SEO?


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