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How to link an existing AdWords account to an MCC


As a digital marketing agency we need to manage multiple clients AdWords account on a daily basis. To do this as efficiently as possible we make use of the AdWords MCC – My Client Centre.

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Google Stops Showing Ads on Right-Hand Side of Search Results

google removes ads from right side of google

It’s now official; Google has removed advertising from the right-hand side of their search engine results pages (SERPS). They have now placed 4 ad positions at the top of the page, which previously only played host to 3 at most. The right side of the page is now looking sadly empty, and everything above the fold, is now paid advertising.

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Stop Blowing Your Budget On Low-Intent Keywords

adwords stop blowing your budget on low intent keywords

Finding high-intent keywords is crucial to your AdWords success. 

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Adword Myths That Could be Costing You a Small Fortune

skinny piggy bank2


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Do you know your Campaign from your AdGroup?

AdWords Myhts Question Mark

Campaign / Each AdWords account is made up of Campaigns; each Campaign shares the same budget, location, and other settings.   

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