What Are ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Sites?

online shopping with buy now pay later

‘Buy now, pay later’ sites are websites or apps that allow consumers to purchase products now, but pay the full amount over time with a number of smaller instalments. If the consumer can’t afford the full cost of a purchase right now, they can use a buy now, pay later service (like Afterpay) to make the payment for them. The merchant still gets paid (usually within two business days) while the consumer receives their desired products and services, and then pays the rest to the service provider in instalments. A $100 purchase for example, becomes four $25 payments over four weeks with Afterpay. The difference between this and a credit card, is that you don’t pay any interest.

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Are you ready for Mobile First Indexing?

mobile search

Every day the world we live in becomes more and more mobile.

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8 Tips to Optimise and Monitor Your Google My Business Listing

Google my business2

A free Google My Business listing offers the greatest impact for companies seeking local exposure. Showing in Google’s Local Search and Maps results can be invaluable to both new and established businesses.

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