Which CMS is best for SEO? - The Impact of Website Platforms on Search Results

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A website platform or content management system (CMS), has a major role to play in the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. It will determine the ease with which certain SEO recommendations can be applied, and scalability of your SEO strategy as you grow. The best CMS for your website will depend on a few factors – budget, developer resource, and of course, the purpose of your website and its requirements.

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How Trailing Slashes Affect Your Website’s SEO

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A trailing slash at the end of a URL on your website can cause issues with duplicate content if not dealt with correctly. Put simply, Google doesn’t like seeing the same content on different pages. It can be confusing for both search engines and users. Having the same page load whether you add the trailing slash or not, means Google is seeing two pages with the same content.

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Tips on Choosing the Right Online Marketing Agency for Your Business

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In the world of digital business, online marketing is more crucial than ever before. As the internet continues to evolve, mastering your online presence can be a difficult task. It has become nearly impossible to keep up with the latest trends in digital marketing, as well as implement them effectively, all while dealing with the day-to-day running of the business.

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