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Close to the Heart


“It feels like OAP is really an extension of our own team. The communication is great – they genuinely want to know what we’re up to and what we’re working on, so they can make sure our online advertising is aligning to help us meet our goals. Every decision they make is driven by data and insight – there’s no guesswork. As a small business this is important as we know we’re making smart decisions and getting the best return on our investment. “

Michele Lithgow

Close to the Heart Co-founder 

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New Zealand Health Group

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 “I enjoy working with the OAP team because they care, and they deliver results. The best part about our partnership is the collaboration process as we work closely together to achieve the desired outcomes for our campaigns. Another great feature of OAP is transparency. I appreciate being in the know of how my budget is being spent, and that real work is being put behind the agreed hours. OAP goes above and beyond in their works, and I would strongly recommend them to any organisation - this comes from a person who has experience with many SEO/SEM agencies in New Zealand previously.”

Mike Nguyen

Senior Marketing Executive at the NZHG

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Baker Accounting

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 “OAP has a high level of technical ability, brand awareness, and knowledge of the right tools. The fact that I had met David Cranwell (OAP General Manager) was the main aspect that made us choose OAP and the partnership helped accomplish our marketing goals”

Hamish Baker

Baker Accounting CA Founder & Director

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AA Home

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"Online Asset Partners has been running targeted Google Ads campaigns for AA Home since August 2021 and in our first three months of partnership, have achieved a “huge improvement” in AA Home’s advertising campaign success.

OAP are very technically sound, so I know they know what they’re doing. I appreciate the easy language and good communication that OAP provides."

Nalini Dutt

AA Home Marketing Manager

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Sapphire Spas

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"A short sharp brief, and OAP got the job done. Now we're on page one organically, rather than just ads, for over 150 different spa related search terms. Our relationship with OAP has seen Sapphire become a leading player in the spa pool and swim spa category online. We find OAP to be effective, honest, and responsive, give fact-based advice, listen to our requirements, and get the job done. We appreciate that they only do what they are best at and are happy to refer us to other companies for work that is outside of their sweet spot, and are always open in sharing their knowledge - it makes for a great partnership.”

Julie Pickford

Marketing Manager

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Milkbar Breastpumps


"One of the best things is the ongoing proactive advice I receive from OAP. We are always looking to test a new opportunity and take advantage of the latest AdWords features. Google Shopping for example has been great - we got in early and got a jump on larger competitors which has resulted in more growth and another lift in my ROI. Now my business is really pumping - the ROI is fantastic and best of all consistent - I have growth and I have sustainable cash flow. "

Diana Swadling 

Milkbar Breastpumps Founder and Owner 

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Myspa Sydney

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"We are very happy with the growth our business has seen over the many years we've been working with OAP. Their expertise in the digital marketing space is extremely valuable and we consider it an investment into our business to work with them. Not only that, they are genuinely nice people who care about our business. Highly recommend it!"

 Anna Shannon

MySpa Sydney Marketing Director


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Escea Fireplaces- Fire by Escea

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"Within 3 months there was a major leap in our key AUS - rankings back to Google page #1, and most importantly the tool [BrightEdge] allowed us to track the effects of changes we were making. I found keyword groups in BrightEdge very handy to track performance per market segments we were after, (e.g. double-sided fireplace group,) and also the way we can look at our Share of Voice [a Proprietary BrightEdge Metric to calculate Organic SEO market share] at various keyword levels."

Chris Dzikiewicz

Escea Fireplaces Digital Marketing Executive

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ChildFund New Zealand

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"I’ve enjoyed working with OAP and I’m glad I made contact with them. I wanted to thank you for leading on some really important work for ChildFund."

Arron Peacock

Head of Fundraising ChildFund New Zealand

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Tile Space

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"We are very pleased with the results to date – it is great to have expert advice on tap. One of the best things about dealing with OAP is that you are always working with a strategist who actually knows digital marketing inside out – not a salesperson or an account manager with thin knowledge. Their technical, fact based, but ‘plain language’ approach to everything from SEO to website planning has been a breath of fresh air and given us confidence to accelerate our digital program for 2016.”

Miranda Powrie

Tile Space Marketing Executive


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Cadenshae logo 1

"The website migration was a major event in our business, there was a lot to learn and be on top of, we didn’t have the knowledge or time internally with a lot else to focus on, David and the team at Online Asset Partners are knowledgeable and experienced, but more importantly, they are happy to teach and share their knowledge to our growing internal team. We have always felt that we are in good hands with them.

They take the time to learn your business and get a deeper understanding of your goals, as well as who you are as a business. The whole team has been great to deal with, efficient, helpful and diligent. I feel like we have developed a really good relationship with them and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to anyone."

Nikki Clarke

Cadenshae Owner 


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Spaceships Rental

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"The OAP team continues to demonstrate that they can perform in our demanding, ever-changing (seasonal) market, and we look forward to continuing to partner with them. Working together with an external partner isn't just about the results, it is also about the team that is getting you these results and about flexibility. OAP ticks all boxes. I've been working with these guys for several years now. Time flies when it's a successful partnership.”

Martijn Bier 

Owner Spaceships Rental

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Nintex - Promapp

nintex nintex promapp

"Although there were many top options in the mix it was immediately apparent that the OAP team had the rare mix of skill, experience, transparency, and sheer passion for their work that we were looking for. We signed on for an initial analysis and pilot period of 4 months, now 2 years later the results and relationship are still fantastic. In 2018 the Promapp organisation was acquired by Nintex, an originally Australian and now Seattle based tech giant. OAP have a high quality internal team, take ownership of their work, are well connected with Google Australasia, and can think and act strategically as well as technically."

 Menilik Dyer 

Marketing Manager


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Leading Campervan Company

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“To say we are happy is an understatement. I have enjoyed working with the Online Asset Partner team and their level of commitment to achieve above average results is very evident. It is an excellent partnership and it is refreshing to work with a company that really listen to your needs and value your input. They have kept me in the loop and explained the reasoning behind every strategy used. It is a good balance where they listen, advise and implement. One of the key surprises for me is how quickly they got traction for us, we expected a much longer lead time for Google AdWords and it was a bonus."

 Marketing manager leading NZ Camper co.

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Cranberry Property Services


“My experience with Online Asset Partners was fantastic, they isolated the issues with our current systems and fixed the issues. They were easy and great to deal with”

 John Jellie

Cranberry Property Services


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Storm Rides

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"The team at Online Asset Partners have been our secret weapon for going on 5 years now. Our results speak for themselves, any time we launch a new brand we are able to dominate the online space and drive conversions as well as store visits.  We also do very well for high converting generic terms."


Storm Rides Director and Founder 



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